Healthier Cooking with Thermomix

Now that you are on the journey to Healthier U check out Thermomix to assist in your meal preparation

All in one Kitchen Machine to replace more than 20 kitchen appliances.

It can weigh, mill, knead, blend, chop, stirfry, steam, whisk, whip and best of all it cleans for you.

Fresh Ingredients & Healthier Cooking with Thermomix

With thousands of great recipes to cater specific dietary needs & clear nutritional information, you can take control of what goes in your food.

Prepare food with less stress to manage weight or cope with allergies.

Multi layer cooking

Everyone can cook with a guided cooking function in Thermomix.

Clear step by step instruction, nothing can go wrong. Unleash your unlimited inspiration & creativity when cooking with Thermomix

So why wait?

Book your Virtual/ Live Demo with a Thermomix advisor to experience the Future of Cooking with Thermomix.

Leny Saputero


Phone: 90494937

Leny Saputero

“Thermomix® allows everyone to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals for their loved ones”
Olivia Tan, Author of Thermomix Chinese Flavours

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