Name of the programme you joined

3-month coaching programme from Healthier U

What have you learnt?

More than a decade of unhealthy eating and lifestyle has finally taken its toll on my health, and results from my medical check-up prompted me to seek fundamental changes to my life. I aim to reduce as much weight and body fat as I possibly can, and was seeking professional advice on how to do that when I decided to try out the programme from Healthier U. After understanding my situation and health status, Hui Xin proposed an interim targeted weight for me to achieve in 3 months and provided me with a wealth of information on the types of food which I should incorporate to my daily intake. I was surprised (and relieved) to learn that eating healthy and for weight loss does not mean having to completely give up my favourite/ sinful indulgences such as ice cream and durians; what is important is to have a balanced diet, eating in moderation and having healthier alternatives.

What benefits do you observe?

Within 3 months, I lost 20kg by following Hui Xin’s advice on my diet and exercise plan diligently. Family and friends are impressed with my reborn physique and newfound energy, and even my doctors are surprised that I managed to make a significant improvement to my average blood sugar level as well as cholesterol levels within such a short period of time. I feel more confident about myself, am more energetic throughout the day and experience a marked improvement in concentration and cognition too. Most importantly, I have built a habit out of healthy eating and exercising from which I can continue to reap its benefits off in years to come.

Do you recommend Healthier U services? Why?

For those seeking changes to their health and yet unsure on where to begin, I strongly recommend you to take the first step by believing in your own capability to make changes to your life, and then seek support from professional providers such as Healthier U who can provide tailored nutritional advice and guide you throughout your health improvement journey, making it much more efficient and enjoyable.

ZY, Singapore

My doctor has advised me to take care of my health and to lose weight so that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are well-controlled without extra medications.  That’s when I reached out to Hui Xin for dietary advice. Hui Xin has helped me to look into my daily diet and identify foods high in calories. One of them is my favourite prata. I have learned to cut down the frequency of this calorie-dense food and started taking meal replacement to reduce my calorie intake. I have lost 6kg in 3/12. When I visited my doctor again, with just 7% of weight loss, my liver function and cholesterol levels have improved. Thank you Hui Xin!

Chi Yih, Singapore

Chi Yih, Pre and Post Photos

Very impressed by Hui Xin, who put a lot of effort into coming up with detailed, balanced weekly meal plans for my infant son. The excellent plans included suggested feeding times, quantities and recipes for all meals. Great follow up and a lovely manner. Would highly recommend it.

Anna D, Ireland

I had a consulation with Hui Xin on establishing a long term sustainable dieting plan for weight loss, maintenance & reducing my stomach bloatness problem. From her I had learnt more about calories intake & the type of food that I like but need to take note on the intake, so that I can still maintain a healthy diet. After following her plan meal for about 2 months, it does help me in losing some kilos & reduce my stomach bloatness problem. Having a reduced carb in my diet has also helped me feel less tired throughout entire day too. Definitely highly recommend people who need to refine their eating habits to achieve a healthier yet does not compromise on your fav food! Thank you Hui Xin!

Serlyn Ong, Singapore

Hui Xin will try to understand your lifestyle and what you normally eat first before she designs a customised diet plan for you. She will also bring mock food models for you to understand the appropriate portions to eat for your protein, vegetables and fruits so you will know how much to eat for your own diet later. The supermarket tour was helpful in recognising which food and snacks to avoid or eat in moderation. Overall I saw good progress in my weight loss past 2 months and highly recommend her.

Evangeline Neo, Singapore

Thank you, Hui Xin for the many efforts and follow-up call and tailoring week 2 to suit my shopping list and laziness to do too many meal preps😄!

Wanted to tell you earlier during our call, actually by day 5 of week 1, using my mirror test as I don’t have a weighing scale, I can already see visible loss of belly fat which I don’t think I will have otherwise have achieved without your meal plan despite cutting down my workout routine by half!

I should have measured with measuring tape beforehand though so can report a number reduction in belly fat to you.

So just want to say your meal prep plan and advice really works! But also sadly, it is proven to myself that my plan to work out more in order to eat more won’t work. Tried and tested. Lol.

thank you very much, Hui Xin

Skyler, Singapore

Hi Hui Xin… A great thumbs up to u… Thou I’m as a stranger when signed up the program. U put a lot of effort to pursue n follow up consistently.

Can sense your warm services provided n now feel more like a FRIEND instead of a dietitian

Cheers… on the ongoing program n look forward for the advance schedule that u have arranged for me… Jiayou yo…

Ms Lee, Singapore

After the feasting in Dec 2020, I had a rude shock when I stepped on the weighing scale on 1 Jan. That’s when I reached out to Wong Hui Xin @ Healthier U for coaching on my diet (I’m already getting enough exercise so that’s not the problem). I didn’t want to do those popular diet methods cos I knew I won’t be able to stick with them in the long run. I needed something I can implement easily.  Hui Xin worked out a meal plan based on my usual eating habits so I don’t have to go out of my way to prepare “diet” meals. I can still have my favourite foods, hooray!

I don’t follow the meal plan entirely (that’s the chillax me), but understanding the concept and logic behind it, with just 50% implementation, I still lost 3.5kg over 3mths.

Highly recommend Hui Xin to help you with your weight management and to hold you accountable to it!

Esther Perh, Singapore

My name is Rita and I have been trying to lose weight for the longest time. I tried using apps to measure what I eat but found it tough because the diet I am on is more local (Singapore) and Asian. After consulting with Hui Xin, where I shared my goals for weight loss, Hui Xin came up with a meal plan for me that was easy to follow. She also advise me to pick up on the exercising more regularly, which I could do by working around my busy schedule as a music educator.

I highly recommend Hui Xin to anyone looking for a sustainable and achievable way to have that lifestyle change that is both personal and professional.

Thank you Hui Xin.

Rita Liew, Singapore

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